We have expertise in Building & Construction, Oil & Gas, Travel & Tours, Fisheries, Import & Export, Training and General Contractors.

Building & Construction

We undertake construction and renovation of structures, buildings and roads. We offer seamless service and can make input to meet the commercial or personal expectations of our clients. We help our clients facilitate scratch-to-finish construction projects; we advise on risk management issues in the course of negotiation and guide them through every aspect till completion. With an avalanche of up-to-date equipments in our pool, we always strive to deliver quality service. We work with experienced civil and mechanical engineers seeking professional advice on road construction. We undertake both direct and online consultation, and are able to provide research resource for specific project initiatives.

Oil & Gas Supply

To achieve our goal of conveniently placing ourselves as a major player in the oil and gas supply, we at AllQuest are actively involved in market penetration throughout the country. In order to satisfy the yearnings of our customers, the company has in its employ a crop of highly competent administrative on-the-field staff to effectively carry out its duties, this enables the company to speedily and regularly get its product supply to its teeming customers. Our major activities are marketing & distribution of products such as; Diesel (AGO), Kerosene (DPK), Petrol (PMS), Gas (LPG) and Black Oil (LPFO).

Travel & Tours

We provide a one stop business travel and tour shop. We operate a world class travel business to proffer solution to all travel matters. We are poised to provide full travel and tourism services to all local and international locations. We are equipped to handle clients’ needs and emergencies with finesse. We have facilities to meet the ever increasing global demand to discover different geographical and cultural diversity. We have been able to achieve this objective through our dedicated service. We are able to handle and are at home with association clauses. We provide top-of-the-range services in; Ticketing/Reservations for all airlines, Meet and Assist/Protocol Services, Car Hire Services, Accommodation, Group Tour/Pilgrimage, Aircraft Charter, Travel Insurance, Educational Tours, Business/Private Trips, Family Vacation amongst others.


We breed and export life tropical fishes to the UK, Germany, US, and Spain. We continually study the fishing markets to understand trends and new developments. We are able to provide investment guides, by organising fishing trade fairs and interactive sessions for potential investors. We work with local and foreign fish farmers.

Import & Export

The Nigerian import & export market currently offers immense opportunities for both local and foreign investors, we have capitalized on this and import vehicles into the country. Our import and export services cover documentation and facilitation. Our policy specialists are regularly called on to make resource input into the advancement of our business scope.


We design and run training programs on a diverse range of issues traversing hazards, safety, and security. We are able to work out programs to meet specific industry needs, and continually expand our network of resource partners to effectively provide up-to-date training. Our seminars and workshops are specifically designed for niche groups, and always provide intense learning and networking opportunities. We emphasize on practical aspects that can enhance operational efficiency. We have organized international training programmes for parastatals locally, also in Dublin, United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.

General Contractors

Our ability to run a multiple sector company has positively affected our general contracting arm; we have an uncanny insight to set up tailor made services to meet the various needs of our clients’.

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